Job Search Boot Camp


Looking for work? How fit are you?

Do you need to tone and strengthen your job search skills? 

Job Search Boot Camps are designed to build strength and job search fitness through a variety of intense group activities


Job Seekers, how will you benefit from attending a Boot Camp?

Improve your job search skills through training and practice by participating in Boot Camp warm-ups and cool-downs.

We share information on how to:

  • Identify your strengths and weaknesses so you know what to focus on to be successful

  • Research employers to get a boost in finding a good fit

  • March confidently into formal and informal network settings

  • Whip your resume into shape and push it to the top of the pile

  • Jump into social media as a networking exercise

  • Interview tips to boost your cardio and get across the    finish line

  • Stretch your knowledge of virtual interviews

  • Learn how to build your team of support

  • Work with a job search personal trainer during the day

  • Q&A sprints with HR professionals

  • Where to find follow up support 

Feedback and recommendations:

  • “I thought it was great and the information and contacts given are wonderful and have given me a lot of hope for my future.”​

  • “There are many government programs that are free and accessible to all. I look forward to starting one of these programs. I loved everything about this boot camp. Thank you for all the work you all put in.”

  • “It was a well informative session which is going to help all the participants to get   the job. The only thing which could be changed is the frequency of these kinds of sessions.”

  • “I walk away feeling inspired and very hopeful. Thank you so much for organizing  this event”

  • “I did get encouragement & motivation & that was why I came.” 

  • “It was so much more than I had expected and I am so impressed” 

  • “It was a well run organized workshop with great speakers and information. The workshop was very organized and informative.”

  • "I woke up this morning not sure if I wanted to come to this event but I am so happy    I did. It was excellent and very helpful. Thanks!”


 Online pre-registration is required for this free   event.
  • Lunch is provided to participants

  • Arrive at least 10 minutes before the session starts at 9:00 am

 About Futures by Design Inc:
 For the past 15 years, Futures by Design   has organized and facilitated career events   on behalf of the Government of Alberta.
 Over 80 events have been held, engaging   more than 10,000 job seekers, employers,   employer groups, industry sectors and   students in Alberta.
 These events promote information sharing   and effective job search and retention skills.
 By connecting people with   information,  resources and giving hope,   we make a positive impact on people's   lives.

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